Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! While I know that this year will be a happy one, it will be a very different year for me in comparison to the last few. I will be returning to my life working on Wall Street. While I have no regrets as to how I spent the last several years in what I have accomplished, experienced and have seen, going back to Wall Street has always been the plan and one that I am 100% committed to.

I have been snowboarding up in Vermont, but this will now only be a weekend pursuit. I also have a short jaunt planned to Central America in the Spring (and yes, I will be there visiting some folks at a couple of stock exchanges), but that about wraps up my travel. There are a few things that I need to take care of in the coming weeks before putting on the suit and tie again, but this is a change I welcome. There is no substitute for the mental challenge that working in finance offers, at least not for me. I am refreshed and ready with the same level of persistence and motivation that I have used to tackle every other part of my life.

I will keep posting on my blog periodically when content of interest arises, perhaps reflections of my travel and of course from the trip to Central America.

If I were to thank everyone that I felt I should, I would be typing through the night. I have been incredibly fortunate to meet so many kind, interesting and hospitable people in my travels and have learned so much from you all. So to all of you, I say "Thank You".

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