Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reflection on the Ride

I was quite fortunate on my most recent bike ride as the weather was about as perfect as I could imagine. Each morning was brisk, but the day would soon warm to a temperature that was quite comfortable and even at times bordering on hot. It was perfect riding weather. Weather is usually the number one factor in deciding whether the day will be pleasant or miserable. Even with Hurricane Ida I was just far enough west to avoid it and the worst that happened was that I rode on wet roads. Wind was light the entire trip so there were no days where I had to really force the pedals. There were the mountains, but I knew they would stand in my way and I also had the enjoyment of speeding down the back side of them.

There were some roads in poor shape as well as those that had heavy traffic and no shoulder, but the overwhelming majority were in great condition. There too were far more dog chases than I would have cared to have, but again I made it out unscathed.

All in all, the conditions for this ride were as close to ideal that I could possibly hope for in a long distance ride.

Lastly, with respect to photos, I wasn’t about to post any photos of me riding in a city or heavy traffic. First off, I don’t want to stop in traffic to take photos, never mind that they are generally uninteresting. The pictures I displayed were essentially those that I enjoyed.

As for what is next there is the possibility of a hike in Virginia over Thanksgiving week. Beyond that, I will have to figure out what is going on for the holidays. Winter is just around the corner…

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