Monday, October 12, 2009

Day in Transit

Laura and I had little planned for the day other than to get back to our car at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We were able to take our time in the morning as the shuttle north wouldn’t depart until early afternoon. We opted to take a park bus to the east side of the South Rim and wander the several miles back to where we would be meeting our ride.

Previously, my definition for “so close, yet so far” was from my 2008 bike ride from Los Angeles to New York. I had ridden clear across the country finding myself in Hoboken, NJ, immediately across the river from Battery Park in Manhattan, what would be my official end point. Battery Park was but a scant mile away across the river. I however had to pedal to the northern end of Manhattan, cross the Hudson River via the George Washington Bridge, only to ride back downtown, adding a total of 25 miles to the ride from Hoboken. One verses 25. By road the North and South rims of the Grand Canyon were approximately 215 miles, as the crow flies: eight. Eight miles to the north rim from where we stood. The ratio is nearly the same, but the Canyon is the winner by a nose. I could even see the North Rim Lodge for crying out loud! And no, there was no helicopter service that connects the two. We were resigned to our fate of sitting in a van for five hours, effectively robbing us of the day. On the upside though, there was some interesting landscape along the way and we met some nice folks on the ride.

Upon arriving at the car we immediately drove north to a town just outside of Zion National Park and had the pleasure of spending the night in a warm hotel bed.

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