Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Greenville, MS

The city of Greenville was named after an American Revolutionary War hero, Nathaniel Greene. Greene was enlisted as infantry but earned the rank of major general through his efforts in the war, becoming a trusted advisor to General Washington.

The city is located on the eastern bank of Lake Ferguson, a former oxbow of the Mississippi River. Like so many other cities along the Mississippi, Greenville was affected by a major flood, in their case in 1927. The year prior the US Army Corp of Engineers built a series of levees and asserted that it would preclude any future floods. Titanic anyone? On April 16, 1927 a 1,200 section of a levee north of the city collapsed. It is about what I have come to expect from the Corp of Engineers. Six days after the levee collapsed the floodwaters hit Greenville, covering downtown in 10 feet of water.

I sat most of the day typing to update the website. The most interesting thing that happened in my morning was that the Federal Reserve cut the target Federal Funds interest Rate to between zero and .025%, the lowest ever. It was also the first time a range was used as opposed to a single number. A rate of zero is not all that easy to achieve. While the US dollar has made some ground against other currencies, it was set back by the interest rate cut. On a positive note for potential homebuyers though, mortgage rates will drop.

In the afternoon I ventured out to do laundry which turned out to be an adventure in and of itself. There were no laundry facilities at the hotel, nor a laundry mat nearby, so I was going to try one of the other motels. The next motel also didn’t have laundry facilities. The third didn’t either, but said that they send their guest to the hotel yet a little further down the road. Bingo. The next problem was that they didn’t have any detergent. Finding detergent involved a walk to K-mart and having to buy a full sized bottle of detergent. When I got back to the hotel, someone had just thrown a load of laundry in the only washer. Laundry took nearly three hours. It is just one of the little things I have to contend on this trip.

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