Friday, December 26, 2008

Baton Rouge, LA

Waking in the morning Kobie and I still needed to resupply before hitting the river. As it would take us a quite a couple hours to do so, as well as occupy some time to do all the things we should have done yesterday, we made the call to stay put for the day. It was a shame as it was as nice a day as we had seen in a couple of weeks for sure, but having gotten to see Ken and family for Christmas was totally worth it. When stepping out of the motel room it felt like we stepped out into some tropical vacationland. The air was warm, in the 70’s, the humidity was fair and there was a breeze that was akin to that of the South Pacific.

The name Baton Rouge was coined by French explorer Sieur d”Iberville and dates back to 1699. As his exploration party ventured up the Mississippi River he noticed a long pole with animals and fish skewered upon it, covered in blood. The pole was a boundary between two Indian tribes as to their hunting grounds. Not too surprisingly, Baton Rouge translates to “red pole” in English.

The city of Baton Rouge was largely untouched by the Civil War as the Confederates gave it up without a fight, choosing to instead consolidate their troops elsewhere. Baton Rouge boasts the tallest capital building of any of the fifty states, measuring 460 feet tall.

Kobie and I took the four mile walk to Wal-Mart and in another less than bright decision walked over a bridge with almost no shoulder for half a mile. We wanted to stretch our legs, but on the way back we took a cab.

While Kobie was for some reason stymied on his computer, I went to a motel down the road to use the internet and check a few things that might be of interest going forward. One item of note was the potential of thunderstorms for the next two days. It figures.

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