Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where Did the Day Go?

I awoke to the smell of pancakes. Margie decided to make pancakes for the crew and while still full from the night before packed them in. I knew that the following morning I would be going back to a banana along with some sort of breakfast bar.

Tom & Steve had to get going shortly after breakfast. Big thanks to them for driving our new gear down from Minneapolis. We sat down in front of the TV with Phil and Margie to watch the Vikings. It was a tight game, but the hometown Vikes lost a high scoring affair.

Somehow the day just got away from us. We had every intention of getting back on the river, but when Kobie told me it was nearly four o’clock, I hardly believed him. We certainly didn’t wasn’t to overstay our welcome.

We were welcomed to stay a third night, longer than anticipated, but the day was probably the first day of the trip that I didn’t think about the river, plan for the river, or update the website regarding the river. That is what I call a rest day, not running around like a lunatic to get errands done. Rock on.

The four of us went out to dinner for a change of pace. When we returned, we were offered to take an Audi TT for a ride. How could a boy resist? While I wasn’t going to go hard on the car, it did handle quite nicely. Wdoes this have to do with kayaking? I don’t know, but when I envisioned this kayak trip, it didn’t involve driving sports cars.

We ended the night talking about history and looking at some photos from the 70’s. While some people might cringe at the family photo album, I am nostalgic for things like that. So much changes throughout time, as in one photo Phil showed us from Arches National Park One of the Arches, Wall Arch, was still standing in their photo, but earlier this year the arch crumbled to the ground. This change and now more than ever I have a yearning to see things as they once were, as I one day hope to look back and see how things have changed within my lifetime.

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