Friday, September 26, 2008

Rock On, Fargo

We started out by doing the usual chores: cleaning our gear, laundry and resupplying our food stock. One other thing on my "to do" list was call the folks who manufactured my kayak. I got someone straight away, but he wasn’t sure what the story might be with the kayak, so he said he would ask around and get back to me either later in the day or have someone ring me the following day. Neither happened.

Kobie and I hopped the bus to the west side of town, via the downtown area. There was little going on downtown, but Kobie was familiar with it as not only did he have to change buses there on his way to Winnipeg from Minneapolis prior to this trip, but he passed right through on a cross country bike ride last year.

While I didn’t have high hopes of finding anything interesting as far as an outfitter was concerned, I was greatly surprised in finding a place called Sheels. While most outfitters in the area cater to hunting and fishing, Sheels had something for everyone. It was total kid in a candy store syndrome. I went straight for the hockey section and looked over some skates. They now make skates out of carbon fiber that run in the $600 range and should last a season. I worked my way though the fly fishing section and over to the paddling area. Were I in need of anything, they would probably have had it.

The highlight of the day though was dinner with a couple, Wayne and Sharon, that we met the week earlier at Belmont Park / Frog Point. They were on their way back up to Belmont Park and were going to swing through Fargo and grab us for dinner. As when they made us dinner the week prior, I enjoyed the conversation. I find it so interesting speaking to people who have grown up in different parts of the world. It is always an education

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