Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Real Rest Day

It was a true day of rest. While we did have a few things to do, we had taken care of the lion’s share of our chores the previous day. It's so rare that we get an actual day to rest. We felt that after the paddling we had done in the past few days our bodies could use the break. The problem with paddling everyday is that muscle fiber doesn't have a chance to repair itself, so muscles don't really become any stronger, just more fatigued.

While Kobie won't be able to do so, I mailed my passport off as I wouldn't need it any longer. I already had one that was destroyed, so I am somewhat overprotective of this one. Besides, it has a bunch of cool visas and stamps in it.

The busiest part of our day involved looking though the gun collection at the local outfitter. It was a good time cruising through there with Kobie as he used to be a firearms instructor. While I know a bit about guns, Kobie was pointing all sorts of things that only an experienced marksman would know. I am sure it is fun for him as well, as he has been living in Singapore for the last five years where guns are only for military and police.

Being in town for a few days we stuffed ourselves with all manner of fast food and other things that aren't all that healthy so I pretty much had my fill. I think I am ready to get back to some camp food.

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