Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It was so pleasant to wake up in a comfortable bed. It was a bit of an effort to tear myself out of it, but I knew I had to get the day started. Kobie and I decided to give the chambermaid the day off, because really, there was zero floor space to vacuum and we had all the towels we needed. A couple of 17 foot kayaks would probably have been one of the more interesting things she saw in a room though.

Kobie and I checked out Grand Forks, which reminded me a bit of Mobile, AL in the style of architecture in the old parts of town. The tall buildings found in downtown Mobile were absent, but nonetheless, I thought of Mobile. One thing Grand Forks had that I didn't see in Mobile was a cairn indicating the high water marks for various floods, with 1997 taking the infamous top spot.

We spent the day loading up on groceries, visiting the outfitter, doing laundry and even took in a movie. A word of advice to all moviegoers out there, give Tropic Thunder a miss.

Having one computer between the two of us somewhat limits the amount of updating I can do on my website especially that I still have to e-mail, answer questions and take care of my life in general. It always seems that the first day off in town zips on by without having really accomplished much. Cleaning our kayaks and gear generally takes the better part of the morning. With that, we decided to take a second day off in Grand Forks.

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