Friday, August 8, 2008


The weather didn’t seem to want to cooperate with our little fishing excursion in Vermont, so we had to cancel our first day. Instead of fishing we opted to visit the nearby Long Trail Brewery for lunch...which lasted five hours. We had a late lunch and stayed on for a few beers afterwards. As the employees finished their shifts they joined us for a couple of drinks and a chat. Matt and I enjoyed a few beers and talked with the staff, collecting some interesting local knowledge, including the fact that there used to be a number of gold mines in the area. I wouldn’t have guessed that in Vermont.

When we finally did manage to get out and do a little fishing, it wasn’t without incident. We rented a boat on Lake Bomoseen as we had done a number of times before. In this case though, we managed to burn out the first motor on the boat in all of five minutes. After calling the marina they came by with a replacement motor, but it too was dead. We had to be towed back to the marina to get set up with motor number three. The third motor was the charm.

The fishing in Vermont was typical for this time of year; many small and varied fish. There were small mouth and rock bass along with a collection of pan fish. We certainly didn’t come up with any record or even particularly large fish, but there was plenty of action.

On a separate fishing excursion we decided to fish from the shore at Kent Pond, which the Appalachian Trail happens to run right past. So as we walked around the lake, we ambled along the muddy Appalachian Trail. I would like to have hiked there from down south, but it wasn’t meant to be at the time. In just walking along near the shore of the lake I was pretty sure that my plan of heading back to Great Barrington, MA and knocking off another part of the trail was out. All I wanted to do was hike the section from Great Barrington, MA to exactly where I was in Vermont. I didn't see it happening though.

I thought I might spot someone thru-hiking the trail that I would recognize, but that portion of the trail was unused except by the two of us fishing in the rain. Our catch was several small mouth bass and nothing more.

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