Sunday, August 3, 2008

Decision Time...Remix

What to do? I have been resting my leg for the last few days and it is feeling marginally better. I was bouncing around the idea of heading to Bermuda and/or perhaps to South Carolina to visit my dad for a little R&R. There are so many variables now, the most important being whether I can walk any significant distance on a daily basis. It turns out that my buddy Matt is switching jobs, so as part of my recovery program and his time off, we will head up to Vermont to do some fishing and then to the Massachusetts coast to go lobster diving.

On a positive note, I called Leki, the company that makes my hiking poles and explained to them what happened to the one pole when I took a tumble. “No problem”, they said, “we will send you a replacement”. The unconditional warranty was how the guy in the store sold me on that brand of poles. I had a feeling that I would be making use of it. Thanks, Leki.

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