Friday, August 22, 2008

Addition to the Kayak Trip

I mentioned in an earlier post that there was a little change in the kayak trip. That change is that there is another person on this planet foolish enough to undertake the kayak trip I laid out, so I will have a paddling partner. After having rolled solo for the last three and a half years it will be a welcome change to have a partner in crime...or we will kill one another within a week. It’s a coin toss.

I will be joined by my good buddy Kobie Rhodes that, well, where to start? He was born in the UK, lived a majority of his life in New Zealand, made his way across the Tasman Sea to live in Australia for three years before settling in Singapore…for now. His place in Singapore also served as my home base for my travels through Asia. Thanks Kob.

As far as Kobie’s adventure travel resume is concerned, I couldn’t fit it all in here, but his last three major trips were: a bike ride from Anacortes, WA to Bar Harbor, ME, mountain biking from Canada to Mexico along the Continental Divide Trail and hiking the length of New Zealand. Kobie has been chronicling his adventures on his website: Kobie will also have his take of our adventure posted here.

Kobie is also a dive instructor, climber, firearms expert and filmmaker (so expect a movie of this trip).

I will be meeting Kobie in Winnipeg on the 27th to equip ourselves before setting out a couple of days later. Stay tuned

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