Friday, July 11, 2008

Thoughts on New Jersey and New York

I have been sitting around and have been thinking about the trail, not only how badly I would like to get back out there, but also the last week I was on the trail. This is what I was pretty much thinking…

Following New Jersey, the trail in New York has been a bit of a let down, first and foremost being that there was quite a bit of debris on the trail. I usually pick up any litter I come across on the trail, but had I done so in New York, I would still be out there collecting garbage. The worst section by far was near Bear Mountain State Park, a heavy day use area. It probably didn’t help that it was the July 4th week, which brings far more people out on the trail.

My favorite part about the trail in the New Jersey/New York area is that I could do the deli dash. For some reason, in those two states there are a number of places to get meals at the road crossings just off the trail. On one particular day I was able to have both lunch and dinner at a restaurant/deli. Having those food options available allows me to carry even less food than I would normally (providing I planned properly) and as a bonus I can usually end my meal with ice cream. The other nice thing about having the services near the trail is that hitchhiking is illegal in both New Jersey and New York. I generally try to stay on the right side of the law, but I think drivers would be less apt to pick up a hitchhiker in a state where hitchhiking is illegal.

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