Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Progress Report

My Orthopedist informed me that I could get on my bike to keep up my level of fitness while taking a rest from the trail. That was all I needed to hear to get me back out there. I had to reassemble my bike, as after the last cross-country ride I had dismantled nearly every screw and bolt on the bike so as to clean and store it. It took me a couple of hours, but I got the bike back together and it's running like new. I haven’t been doing any long rides, but I have been trying to push my pace. I have been hitting a 21-mile loop that I used to ride when I only had an hour to spare. I have discovered that my cardiovascular fitness is laughable in comparison to what it was, but the leg strength is still there. It felt a bit odd at first to be hunched over the bike after hiking, but it didn’t take long to feel comfortable on the bike again. The bigger problem is that my feet don’t really fit into my bike shoes as comfortably as they did as my feet are still somewhat swollen. I’m just fired up that I can get out there and get a little exercise. I am hoping to get back out on the trail as soon as possible.

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