Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Medical Circus

At the behest of one of my orthopedists, I went for a single physical therapy session before setting off again. I was somewhat uncertain as to what the benefit would be other than making my wallet lighter by relieving it of another co-pay, but I went. As it turned out, the therapy clinic that was recommended to me was the official physical therapy provider of the New York Islanders. Further to my post on July 9th where I was questioning how professional athletes can have a major injury and yet be ready to play nearly immediately; I had my answer: a strong medical team. It’s not any different then a sports team. Each member plays their role and the team is only as strong as the weakest link. And sometimes, one player can pick up the slack of another.

During my physical therapy evaluation, the suggestion was made that my ailment may be Compartment Syndrome. Oddly enough, I also had a write in diagnosis from a doctor who happened across my website and also posed compartment syndrome as my potential malady. Were I in the professional sports ranks, I would most likely have had a definitive diagnosis that very afternoon and may have even gone under the knife shortly thereafter. Then some physical therapy and viola, I would be back in action in a week. Unfortunately for me though, my medical team is somewhere in the middle of the standings overall, so I will trudge on through the mountains with uncertainty. Had one of my orthopedists taken the time to evaluate me as did the physical therapist, my team could have moved up in the standings and I might have had a definitive diagnosis. I have to start thinking about trading some of my team before next season.

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