Monday, June 23, 2008

Halfway Through Pennsylvania

I have been getting some great feedback on the 60 and 53 miles days hiking. To those people that commented, yes it is a little crazy. Just wait and see what I have cooked up for the kayak trip.

I have also had someone ask me if I had to sleep anywhere unusual. What perfect timing as I just slept in a hammock in someone’s back yard, but that was only because the kid’s playhouse was occupied. The story goes something like this:

I had planned on hiking a 35 mile day and when I got to the spot where there was allegedly a shelter, I couldn’t for the life of me find it. When I finally recognized a landmark I was almost a mile past where the shelter was supposed to have been. I wasn’t about to go back looking for it, so I continued on. It was only a few miles to the town of Boiling Springs, PA, where I arrived at 11:00 PM. In the town of Boiling Springs there weren’t any all night motels, so I had to figure something out. I checked a message board for the Appalachian Trail and happened to notice someone’s open invitation to camp in their yard…or to sleep in their kid’s playhouse. As it was threatening rain the playhouse would have been perfect. When I arrived at the house though, the playhouse was already occupied. They had a hammock in the yard as well so I opted for that. If it would have started raining I would have put on my rain jacket and pulled a garbage bag over the rest of me, but I lucked out, as it stayed dry.

As promised, the trail has become rockier in Pennsylvania with the prospect of it becoming more so as I continue north. I have been putting in the miles (1,135.3 to date) and am trying to coordinate a few things further north including a bike race, some fly-fishing and a wine festival. And you thought I was just hiking. While it certainly is about hiking the Appalachian Trail, there are a few nice diversions along the way to keep me sane.

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