Wednesday, April 16, 2008


In total to this point I racked up a little over 50 trail miles in training for the Appalachian Trail. Again though, the trails on Long Island are awfully flat. I found one small hill on a particular trail and ended up walking up and down it 20 times, just to mix it up. I have been hiking with what I expect to be my full pack weight with food and water, about 25 pounds. I picked up a few blisters on my feet along the way (I am hoping to get them out of the way now). I have also been keeping a steady pace of about 3.7 Miles Per Hour on the flat. In the mountains I am sure it is going to drop significantly, but I might as well train hard. I also tried jogging with my pack, but the pack itself doesn’t lend itself to running along.

I have been hiking mostly in Connetquot State Park. The density of wildlife there is rather remarkable. I have seen dozens of deer, a couple different types of fox, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, a ribbon snake, ducks, geese and numerous different types of birds, not to mention brown, rainbow and brook trout.

While I should be training for my hike, I decided that a little vacation might be in order. I have a friend that just moved to Bermuda, so I figured I would go for a visit and help her get settled in. A wiser course of action may have been to go up to Vermont and get in some miles in the mountains. I thought about it. Hmm, go enjoy the sun sitting on a beach in Bermuda or rough it in the cold mountains of Vermont. Decision made.

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