Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bike Ride to Montauk Point

Last year my buddy Art and I rode from his house, about half way out on Long Island, to Montauk, on the east end. We decided that it was going to be an annual trip, so in keeping up the tradition it was another day on the bike. While some people gave me a hard time, saying, "you ride all the way across the country only to come back and go for a bike ride"? Truth be told, I was really looking forward to it. I hadn’t been on the bike in a week and it is also much different riding with people than solo. This year, Art’s brother John and another friend of mine, Mike, were going to make the trip as well.

The ride began just fine and it was even unseasonably warm. Within the first hour some clouds and a cold wind blew in. At least the wind was at our back. While my buddies were hoping it wasn’t going to rain, secretly I was kind of hoping it did. It would give my friends a little taste of what I went through on my ride. We initially got a short burst of rain; just enough to make us wet, but it wasn’t bad.

One thing I didn’t have time to do before going on this ride was get a new rear tire. I was still riding on that chewed up piece of rubber that I finished my ride with. As it would turn out, I would end up with a flat tire. It wasn’t raining at the time, so it wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but I did take a good ribbing from my friends.

In the afternoon the sky opened and soaked us all through. As it was so warm in the morning, we all left of our cold weather gear behind. Initially, Art had on long pants and long finger gloves, but we ridiculed him to the point that he put on shorts and ditched the gloves. I’ll bet he was none the bit too pleased that he broke down and changed. Admittedly, I was getting a bit cold in the rain, but I couldn’t actually let on to my friends, lest I be the one that gets a ribbing.

Our initial plan was to ride to Montauk Point at the very end of the island, but as we approached the town of Montauk in a heavy rain, we called the trip there and checked into a hotel. I certainly didn’t have anything to prove. The ride wound up being 55 miles as opposed to 70, but I was fine with it as it scratched my itch of getting back out on the bike. The rain also showed my friends how little fun it is to ride in a cold rain, something I had to do far too often.

Doing the ride with my friends brought up an interesting discrepancy. While all their odometers came up with the same distance (within .2 miles), my odometer was a full two miles shy of the rest of the group. I rode the same exact route. It’s possible that my odometer ran short for the last two months. I know it was set to the proper tire size. If it was shy two miles for every 55, I actually rode an additional 80 miles on my trip. Also, it would push that day I rode 232 miles to a day where I rode 240 miles. I have to check in to that.

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