Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Few Days Off

I planned on taking some time off to visit my Dad and Stepmom, so I had time to reflect on riding 232 miles. First off, I can’t possibly assume that I can do that on a regular basis. That would be a dangerous frame of mind. I am sure I could push myself harder physically, but again, part of the trip is to actually see the country. That being said, I certainly could have ridden further. How much further is the real question. Could I have done 350 or 400? What if I rode straight through the night and the next day? People have done it. It just leaves me with the unanswered question, how far could I have ridden?

I had lost six pounds since the start of my trip, but in the few days off, I put on seven. My father took up cooking as a hobby later in life and I was eating everything in sight. I figured I would burn it all off within a matter of days. It was the cocktails that really put me out of shape. I probably had a few too many of those in my time off. If I were ever to eat properly I might be amazed at the shape I could be in.

I didn’t do any significant riding in my time off, though I did take the bike out for a ride one day when I was feeling antsy. I only rode for half an hour, but it assured me the bike was running smoothly and got the cobwebs out. I will be riding again on the 25th in the direction of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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