Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sightseeing in Phoenix

I rented a car to get me around Phoenix so that I would be able to see the sights. I never needed the service before, but Enterprise will pick you up. I really didn’t want to ride over to pick up a rental car.

I started by heading to downtown Phoenix. I was told not to expect much coming from New York, but it was quaint. It was like a combination of the downtown areas of Los Angeles and Columbus, Ohio. It was small but there were at least a few things to see and do.

Next stop was the Heard Museum. It focused on Indian (apparently that it the proper term again these days) history. It was well worth the stop as I got to learn a bit about the lands that I was riding though, not just giggling at a bola tie exhibit.

I hit up Scottsdale as I was told it was worth a look. I agree that it was. I wasn’t looking to make any purchases, especially not art, which seemed to be on sale eat nearly everywhere. I didn’t need to pedal the next 4,500 miles with a Renoir strapped to my back. The area did have a ton of shopping and some pretty nice restaurants and bars where you could sit outside.

My afternoon was rough. I got stuck in rush-hour! I haven’t been stuck in rush-hour for nearly three years. I would rather have had my bike. I am sure I could have gotten back to my hotel sooner. Next up on the list of frustration was trying to get cash from an ATM. The first place I stopped the ATM was out of order. The second place the ATM worked only until I tried to withdraw cash, then shutdown. It didn't give me money, but deducted it from my account. The third I had to wait for some woman trying to do a corporate takeover at the ATM. I knew I was in trouble when she picked up that phone on the ATM. I bailed.

I wanted to leave the afternoon behind and being the hockey fan that I am, I had to catch the Coyotes/Stars game that evening. I was concerned that I might not get a ticket (as now I had no cash and couldn’t scalp), but the arena was about a third full. I attribute it to: 1) Valentines Day and 2) Shaq was supposed to be playing his first basketball game for the Suns on the other side of town. In any event, I had a few beers and got to see a good hockey game. Phoenix won. A solid end to my day in Phoenix.

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